Politicically Motivated Sex Propaganda

I am writing this post in response to comments made by snowylocks that my use of the word ‘propaganda’ is pejorative.

A pejorative is a word or phrase that expresses contempt or has disparaging connotations. Two words that spring to my mind that fit this definition are ‘homophobic’ and ‘heterosexist.’ These two words were coined by the homosexual propaganda machine to describe anyone who disagrees with what homosexuals want; homosexual marriage. These two words are also derogatory because they are used to disparage, belittle and offend people by intimating that there is something wrong with them because they disagree with homosexual marriage. In my opinion, ‘homophobia’ and’ heterosexism’ exist only in the minds of homosexuals.

Propaganda is a form of communication that presents facts selectively and in so doing so possibly lies by omission or uses loaded messages. The desired result of propaganda is to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information presented in an effort to change public attitudes about a particular subject which, in this case, is homosexual marriage. The first casualties of propaganda are facts and truth.

In propaganda, words can also be distorted by incorrect use to elicit a particular response and can become accepted jargon and even accepted into everyday language. Here are some examples: change the true meaning of ‘gay’ and use it to replace the word ‘homosexual’, replace the word sodomy with the words ‘anal intercourse’,  replace ‘homosexual relationships’ with ‘gay marriages’ or ‘same sex marriages’.

Into this mix, meaningless phrases such as ‘equal love’ and ‘marriage equality’ have been added. These phrases are being used to make us believe that, somehow, homosexuals are being discriminated against. In my opinion, homosexuals are being self-discriminating by choosing not to marry a person of the opposite sex. Homosexuals complain that they cannot help being what they are because they had no choice.

WE ALL HAVE CHOICES. Necrophiliacs can choose not to have sex with dead people. Pedophiles can choose not to have sex with little boys or little girls. Parents or siblings can choose not to engage in incestuous sex. People can choose not to have sex with animals. People can choose not to rape. People can choose not to engage in sexual bondage, voyeurism or any other type of sexual fetish in their quest for sexual self gratification. So why are homosexuals any different? After all, no one forces one man to stick his dick up another man’s ass.

Giving homosexuals preferential treatment has set a dangerous precedent. Already, the North American Man-Boy Love Association are campaigning for the sexual age of consent to be reduced or abolished to remove the fear of going to prison if they are caught having sex with under age boys. What, I wonder, will be next?

When is this lunacy going to end? What is it doing to western culture? Is this the beginning of the end for our civilization?

If the Messiah is coming, it had better be soon.


About aquarianmist

I am a retired admin officer. My interests include supernatural phenomena, tarot cards, movies, social activities and more.
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11 Responses to Politicically Motivated Sex Propaganda

  1. alexi says:

    I have no idea why you insist on making it personal with Snowy, while he has been nothing but patient and correct with you. I read those first two posts of his that you claimed contained “abuse” and there was nothing of the kind, quite the contrary. Apparently, this does not matter to you.

    And now, while pretending to address his arguments, you simply rehash insults he has already refuted, again and again. Why you you claim you’re looking for discussion, when you do nothing but repeat already defeated ideas ?

    “Propaganda is a form of communication that presents facts selectively and in so doing so possibly lies by omission or uses loaded messages.”
    Actually, it’s even worse, as not a single claim you make here is supported by facts, and as Snowy has pointed out repeatedly, that makes them nothing more than insults.

    The rest of it is the usual false equivalency fallacy, and Snowy has debunked all of those as well.

    He asked you a very direct question, in fact, he has asked you this question many times before, and you’ve ALWAYS failed to answer : “Can you support even a single one of your pejoratives with facts. Just a single one !”.

    It would appear that once again, not only have you failed to do that, but you couldn’t care less.

    Seriously, if you’re going to call a commenter by name in your post, then don’t just repeat points he already refuted. I mean, what’s the point of that ?

    • aquarianmist says:


      I have not made my comments personal in any way and I do not know what snowylocks’ sexuality is because I have never asked and it is none of my business. Let’s face it, the word rebut as used by snowylocks, intimates that I an a liar. But enough of that. Sonwylocks has not rebutted, refuted, disproved or come up with any argument that supports homosexuality as being a normal human sexual condition. As long as the human male has a penis, testicles and produces sperm and the human female has a vagina, ovulates and produces eggs, human beings will always be heterosexual by nature and design. This simple fact of human existence can never be rebutted or proven wrong by a judge, a politician or anyone else. Go for it.

      • alexi says:

        Huh ??? Who said anything about his sexuality ? Seriously, where did that even come from ?? And right after you said “” I have not made my comments personal in any way” ?? Amazing. Truly amazing.

        And yes, you did lie when you said you suffered abuse in his first two posts. “But enough of that’ ??? Oh, okay, so it’s alright for you to lie ?

        Do you forget people can read his posts ? He has refuted every point you made, and you never even managed a single counter-argument. On top of that, he gave you the facts that supported what he told you. You simply ignored it all !

        He disproved your claim that homosexuality is “unnatural” by showing you the biological research that proves it’s practiced by almost all animals we have sufficiently observed. He even had to point out that nature is not limited by your almost non-existent knowledge of human sexuality, but you’re still going on as if you get to decide how nature should work.

        And btw, for someone who’s so down on “politicians” , you sure do seem to enjoy talking like one.

  2. I feel that I must reply.
    Necrophilia involves sex with people who cannot consent. They are dead.
    Pedophilia involves sex with people who cannot consent. They are children.
    Incest often involves people who cannot consent… a child or a younger sibling.
    Bestiality involves beings who cannot consent. They are animals.
    Rape involves people who cannot consent. That is why they call it “rape”.

    Sexual practices between consenting adults do NOT involve people who cannot consent. You may not express yourself sexually exactly the same as some other people do, but no one is forcing you to.

    Marriage equality does not involve any “special rights”. It involves EQUAL rights. No homosexual person is ever going to feel the same level of couple bonding with a member of the opposite sex as a heterosexual person is. Therefore, in your world view, the homosexual person is has the following choices: Be celibate… marry a person they can never completely couple-bond with… or remain on the edges of society.

    If your religious views forbid you from practicing homosexuality, then by all means don’t do it. However, it is not (in my opinion) up to you to decide what is right or wrong for other consenting adults. It’s not against my religion, and I have as much right to practice my religion as you do to practice yours.

    • aquarianmist says:


      You have completely missed the point. All those sexual acts I sited are committed by people with some sort of sexual dis-function centered in the brain, which is a human being’s largest sex organ. It does not matter if such acts are consensual or not because they are all unnatural. I do not care what consenting homosexual adults do to one another in private, they can hang themselves by the balls from a chandelier and sing swing low sweet chariot for all I care, but for goodness sake,keep it private. And, they should stop bleating about how unfortunate they are because they are not attracted to a member of the opposite sex and therefore cannot get married. We all have sexual choices and homosexuals are no different.

      • And so… you devoted an entire blog to writing about it?

        No matter. I pray that Jesus blesses you and keeps you, and that you someday find His peace.

    • alexi says:

      Thank you, Joan, for being a voice of reason.

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  4. kingfisher says:

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