Planned Parenting or Planned Death

A few days ago I read a small article about abortion which astonished me. The article stated that since the Abortion Act was passed in the United Kingdom 50 years ago (1967), over nine million babies have been aborted. This averages out to 180,000 per year, which is almost 500 babies per day. If one multiplies this by the number of countries that have legalized abortion, at least two thousand babies may be being aborted every day.

These abortions are carried out under the ‘Planned Parenting’ scheme. Surely, planned parenting is, or should be, about planning when to get pregnant and have a baby. But these abortions are a result of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies resulting from thoughtless or careless copulation. Given the availability of sex education and several methods of contraception, it is difficult to comprehend why so many women have unwanted pregnancies which result in abortions.

Each and every baby that is born is a unique ‘one of a kind’ human being who will develop their own characteristics and personality. Each and every baby that is born has never before walked on Planet Earth and, if aborted, never will. This means that their one and only chance at life is taken away forever.

On the 25th of December I and millions of other Christians, who were not aborted, will celebrate the birth of a unique and special baby called Jesus. When we do, perhaps we should say a prayer for all of those little lost souls because:

their bodies will never grow old

their stories will never unfold

sucked from the womb their organs sold


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I am a retired admin officer. My interests include supernatural phenomena, tarot cards, movies, social activities and more.
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