The Ordeal of Lisa Miller and the Heroism of Rev Kenneth Miller

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller is finally free, after two years in prison.  Thank God. 

This Christian pastor was imprisoned in America for helping a distressed mother and daughter, Lisa and Isabella Miller.  


Lisa and her daughter were victims of the LGBT movement and the mad laws on same-sex “marriage”.

1968 Born in 1968, in the state of Virginia USA,  Lisa Miller suffered an extremely troubled childhood.  Her father abandoned the family when she was only seven and her mother was a suicidal drug addict. This led to Lisa’s own  destructive, alcohol and drug -fuelled adulthood, doomed marriage and subsequent divorce when she was 26 in 1994.

1994  Whilst undergoing treatment against suicide and drug addiction and guided by psychologist and professionals – as part of an “innovative therapy treatment plan – Lisa was encouraged to experiment with lesbianism as an alternative life style. In 1997, she found her mother, dead already for…

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