Abortions on Demand Kills Babies

I have been following the abortion issue where governments are caught between the pro abortionists who want open abortion laws and pro life supporters who want more stringent laws to try and regulate the lucrative abortion industry.

Pro-abortionists (Planned Parenthood) see this issue as one of reproductive health care and women’s reproductive rights rather than a ‘human rights’ issue. The feminist mantra on this issue is ‘my body, my choice’ and ‘government’ has no business interfering with my uterus.’

But, it is not ‘government’ interfering with a woman’s uterus’ that put an unwanted baby into her womb, the person she copulated with did so. Yet, feminists expect ‘government’ to intervene and sanction the removal and death of a heathy baby by abortion simply because the woman does not want it.

Modern society seems to have forgotten that the purpose of sexual copulation is pair bonding and procreation. ‘Nature’ evolved the female body to conceive and carry a baby in the safety of her womb until birth and a couple who create new life together should see the event as a privilege not a burden or inconvenience. Then, in a perfect society, both biological parents nurture and rear their baby to maturity. But we do not have a perfect society, never have and probably never will.

So, if a woman does not wish to become pregnant and have a baby she has a choice; abstain from copulating, or only copulate when a reliable form of contraceptive is used. To engage in consensual sex without doing so is irresponsible and the repercussions of an unwanted pregnancy can be traumatic for the people involved.

It is reasonable to state that it is not the pregnant woman who kills her baby, it is the elected representatives (government) of the society in which she lives that do so by sanctioning the abortion. The question I ask is this: should our elected representatives have the authority to enact ‘reproductive health laws’ that allow terminating a pregnancy simply because the woman does not wish to have the child? This will give ‘government’ the authority over the life and death of unborn children which will be one step away from abortions becoming a gruesome form of population control.

There must be a better way of resolving this controversial and emotional issue. Aborting thousands of healthy babies each year is not the solution; but what is?

As a starting point, feminists should think about changing their mantra on this issue to ‘my body, my vagina my responsibility.‘ From there, we could take a step back and examine the social issues of unwanted pregnancies and abortions on demand.





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