Lazarus – What Really Happened

As part of my quest to discover if the Holy Bible really is the ‘Gospel Truth,’ I have read the story of the resurrection of Lazarus.

I have been unable to find anything written about how Lazarus felt after what happened to him. So, I have tried to put myself into Lazarus’ sandals and imagine what he may have said to Jesus after he was resurrected from the dead.

Maybe Lazarus spoke to Jesus saying “I thought you were my friend, yet when my sisters sent word to you from Bethany that I was very ill and may die, you said I would not die and made no attempt to come to see me but carried on performing miracles and healing the sick in the place where you were.”

“But I did die and my death caused my family a great deal of emotional trauma and were left with no option but to prepare my body and seal it in my tomb. By the time you arrived in Bethany Jesus, I had been dead for four days and my family were still mourning my passing. As for me, my immortal soul was settling down in God’s Kingdom of Heaven when you suddenly brought me back to this ‘hell hole.’ “Jesus, are these the actions of a friend?”

The big question is this: why would God allow Jesus to let his friend die so he could ‘grandstand’ and ‘show off’ his power by bringing Lazarus back to life four days after his death? What was the point of doing this? Jesus could have prevented Lazarus’ family’s grief by going to Bethany as quickly as possible and healing him. Isn’t this what a true friend would do?

Because the incident occurred 2000 years ago, it is impossible to verify what really happened. But given that, even with today’s modern medical miracles, we still cannot bring back to life someone who has been dead for four days, one is left with feelings of doubt.

Perhaps I am ‘yea of little faith.’


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