Politically Correct Sexism

Our politically correct masters have done it again. They have invented a new word for a new form of discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians.The word is HETEROSEXISM. It is now a politically incorrect to believe that heterosexuality is the norm for human sexual relationships because to do so means one is guilty of heterosexism which, in turn feeds homophobia. A pilot scheme has been introduced into New South Wales Australian high schools to stamp out heterosexism in schools and prevent the ignoring of and the making invisible of non heterosexuals and their interests. One also has to be very careful how one utters and uses the word ‘gay’ in order to avoid any possibility of using the word in a derogatory, heterosexist or homophobic manner.

A national curriculum is also being developed for children in grades 3 and 4. This curriculum will encourage children to develop appropriate ways to respond to sexual diversity in ways that demonstrate respect and value difference. In other words children, under the guise of sex education, will be indoctrinated to believe heterosexuality is not the norm for humans and that homosexuality and lesbianism are normal and natural forms of sexual activity. Isn’t this how NAZI Germany brainwashed their children into believing that they were the master race and the Jews sub-human and must be exterminated. Catch them young and control their minds.

Who do these people think they are? How has a small minority group of people with gender identity issues achieved so much power and authority over the vast majority of the western population to the extent that we can no longer protect our children from homosexual and lesbian propaganda. At the same time, heterosexuals are being legally gagged from saying anything that may upset these people. Is this democracy? I am beginning to think that unconditional decriminalization of unnatural sex acts was a big mistake.

Why not go the whole way and make homosexuality and lesbianism compulsory. Anyone engaging in heterosexual sex would then be arrested and sent to concentration camps for sexual re-orientation indoctrination. Think of the benefits for Planet Earth. The human population would decline, greenhouse gasses would decline, global warming would decline and the ice caps stop melting. The oceans will once again abound with marine life and  rain forests will cover the land. The naked ape will become extinct and the hairy ape will thrive in the rain forests. The evolutionary process can then begin all over again and let us hope that Mother Nature gets it right the second time around.

The message of this post is simple. Homosexuals and lesbians – LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE. Let them enjoy their all too brief age of innocence and allow them to make their own minds up when the time is right for them. not for you.


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I am a retired admin officer. My interests include supernatural phenomena, tarot cards, movies, social activities and more.
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8 Responses to Politically Correct Sexism

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  2. snowylocks says:

    Uhm…actually, the word “heterosexism” has been in use since the seventies. Your claim that it is somehow an invention of your “politically correct masters”, whoever that may be, is patently false.

    Also, your “why-not-go-the-whole-way” comment shows, once again, that you seem to be incapable of writing more than a few lines without resorting to the slippery slope fallacy.
    I have already pointed out, several times, that reality has already proven you wrong on that account.
    It would seem that neither me, or reality, are capable of getting through to you.

    “Allow children to make up their own minds” ? That’s exactly what they’re doing. And they’re providing them with the facts they need to do so.

    Or would you prefer children to be raised on opinions, rather than facts ?

    *sigh* Okay, I’ll take your word for it that you’re not a satirist. I’ll deal with your post, point-by-point, later today, as I’ve dealt with all your posts, by your own request.

  3. snowylocks says:

    I’m sorry, but what you’re attempting here is so utterly absurd that I can’t let it go. (Another little lesson : I just called your post “utterly absurd”. I will now provide proof for this assertion. If I didn’t do that, as is your habit, I would simply be insulting you. Understand ?)

    You are trying to argue that it’s a bad thing to teach kids that demonizing people because of their sexuality, is not beneficial to society.

    And to support this argument, you bring up, and I still can’t believe you did this, the education system in nazi germany, where children were taught that demonizing minority groups such as gay people, was not only natural (your very own argument !), but their very duty as citizens, according to laws that YOU want to reinstate ?

    You agree, almost verbatim, with what was taught about homosexuality in nazi germany ! So why bring it up as an argument AGAINST teaching children that this was wrong ?

    Why, if you’re really not trying to satirize extreme right-wing idiocy, would you do such a thing ?

    Why ?

    • aquarianmist says:


      First of all, I do not access my blog an a daily basis nor do I rush to read comments. When I do so, any comments I feel are not worth keeping go into the trash can. What you choose to do with your own comments or mine is entirely up to you. Second, I stand corrected. I had never heard of the word ‘heterosexism’ until it appeared in the Australian media a couple of weeks ago. However, I still believe that the words ‘heterosexism’ and ‘homophobia’ are invented words used to describe conditions that exist only in the minds of homosexuals and lesbians. Perhaps this is why homosexuals define themselves as being ‘gay’ rather than defining themselves as what they really are. I am heterosexual and define myself as such without any bias towards homosexuals. Homosexuals also have a habit of referring to heterosexuals as being ‘straight’ and I have no objection to that either . The opposite of straight is bent, but if anyone called a homosexual bent, they would be in trouble because heterosexuals are not allowed to say anything that may offend or upset homosexuals fragile ego’s. This indicates that homosexuals may well have a huge inferiority complex about what they really are.

      During the early 1960’s, I served with the British Rhine Army and the Berlin Brigade for five years and visited the Bergan-Belsen concentration camp. So I am fully aware of the history of the Third Reich and need no history lesson from you. However, I would like to congratulate you for highlighting and proving my point that people can be brainwashed into believing anything. Once this has been achieved, the people then become willing accomplices of the regime in committing crimes against humanity.

      What does this have to do with Australian primary school children? In my view the proposed sex education curriculum is not to teach tolerance, because homosexuals and lesbians already have that in the country. They are trying to push the boundaries of that tolerance by using brainwashing techniques to persuade young children that homosexual and lesbian sex is as normal and natural as heterosexual sex. This is of course, an untruth because homosexual and lesbian sex never was or ever will be normal and natural for a heterosexual species. One possible flow on effect of this curriculum is that young boys will grow up believing that, when they want sex and do not have access to a female and her vagina, then it’s OK to stick his penis up somebody’s backside to satisfy his sexual needs. Is this what we want for the next generation simply because a minority group of people with gender identity issues cannot accept themselves for what they are and simply get on with their lives and stop annoying people.

      Hooray, we finally agree on something. Yes, the concept of making homosexuality and lesbianism compulsory is absurd and totally outrageous. But, in my view, so is the concept of men marrying men and women marrying women and that is the point I tried to make.

      My final question is why are homosexual and lesbian lobby groups not asking for the issue of homosexual and lesbian marriages to be resolved by a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ national referendum instead using ‘back door’ politics to get what they want. I suspect that this is because they know what the answer will be. Even so, they should still put their money where their mouth is and seek such a referendum. I also believe that the vast majority of the world’s heterosexual population would be against homosexual and lesbian marriages because it demeans the purpose of long term male/female relationships which the UN refers to as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state.”


      • snowylocks says:


        Seems you finally admitted that you’re simply dishonest, and have no compulsion about saying so. It seems you’re even a little proud of it.
        “…any comments I feel are not worth keeping go into the trash can”
        Now I know why you were so afraid of my question to bring some proof of your many accusations : You didn’t have any, and now you admit that you don’t even care.

        It’s all about what you “feel”, and it’s never about facts.

        I am going to say this one more time : If you don’t want any dissenting opinions or uncomfortable facts posted on your blog, then don’t come asking for them. Are we finally clear on that ?

        Let’s get on with it then :

        You say “However, I still believe…”, and then fail to come up with any proof or even supporting facts for your belief. Don’t you understand that your “belief” can’t change the fact of the matter ? What makes it worse is that the facts are available for you to check, but you refuse to do so. But it’s already established that you’re dishonest and proud of it, so why do I even bother to point this out ? Oh yeah, I remember : Because you asked.

        You say : “..without any bias towards homosexuals”, while what you’ve been doing here for months fits the textbook definition of “bias” so perfectly, that it’s almost impossible to distinguish you from a satirist.

        You say : “homosexuals fragile ego..”, but once again, you forget the facts : You are allowed to say whatever you like. You know this, but you seem to immensely enjoy pretending that you’re somehow not allowed to.
        It is simply being suggested that insulting a gay person is just as bad as insulting a straight one. The fact that you seem to disagree with this so desperately, would suggest that the “fragile ego” might be located somewhere else.

        You say : “homosexuals may well have a huge inferiority complex “…Uhm, isn’t that the way you like it ? I mean, you don’t want them to think of themselves as “normal”, and you pat yourself on the back for pitying them. See, this is one of those instances where I really don’t know if you’re just kidding : I mean, you angrily demand the right to insult these people when it strikes your fancy, and then you turn around and go “they may well have an inferiority complex”. This would be hilarious if you weren’t serious.

        You say : ” I would like to congratulate you for highlighting and proving my point that people can be brainwashed into believing anything”.
        Oh really ? Then it would seem that you DO need a history lesson, and I’m not surprised you deleted it, unread.
        Also not surprised you dodged my question. That’s pretty much tradition by now. As is my repeating of it : Why do you use the same arguments the nazi’s (you brought them up !) did to condemn gay people ?

        You say (repeatedly) : “brainwashing”.
        I say, prove it, or admit it’s just another insult. You remain silent. Explain how teaching children facts equals “brainwashing” ? Would you rather they be taught lies ?
        I’m guessing this will get no coherent response at all.

        (In the same paragraph, you bring up, yet again, the whole “not natural” thing fallacy I already disproved months ago, and you make some strange and lurid assumptions about what’s actually being taught. I have already pointed out, many times, too many times, that reality has already shown you to be amazingly wrong on that account, but when it comes to gay people, you and reality aren’t the best of friends)

        You say :”Hooray, we finally agree on something. Yes, the concept of making homosexuality and lesbianism compulsory is absurd and totally outrageous.”
        Uhm, yeah, we agree that something that isn’t happening would be absurd. Hurray for us. Maybe later we can agree that compulsory vegetarianism would be a bad thing as well ? Oh well, at least you’re finally waking up to the absurdity of your claims. I guess my time here hasn’t been wasted.

        As for your “final question”, that once more highlights the sad fact that you don’t actually read the answers you asked for. Go back a few posts, to the first time you brought this up, and the first time I answered it.

        Unless you don’t really want an answer, and just want to pretend that you do.

        That’s fine too, I guess. *sigh*

      • snowylocks says:

        Forgot this :

        You say : “First of all, I do not access my blog an a daily basis nor do I rush to read comments.”

        Nobody accesses your blog on a daily basis. Nobody expects you to “rush” to read them. Just to read them. Why ? Because you literally asked for them. Considering you keep repeating questions I already answered, and keep using unfounded assertions I’ve already shown to be untrue, it’s obvious that you don’t read them.

        And here is where it gets gloriously absurd, even for your standards :

        You say : “When I do so, any comments I feel are not worth keeping go into the trash can. What you choose to do with your own comments or mine is entirely up to you.”

        Uhm, no, what happens to my comments is up to you, as you clearly stated in the preceding sentence.

        It’s amazing how you manage to completely contradict yourself without even noticing.

        But then there’s this :

        You claim : “During the early 1960′s, I served with the British Rhine Army and the Berlin Brigade for five years and visited the Bergan-Belsen concentration camp.”

        Did you now ? So you’re telling me that you were aware of the cowardly and factually untrue rationalizations the nazis used to justify their crimes against the gay community, and even after having seen a concentration camp, you STILL decide to use the VERY SAME rationalizations to justify your own opinions ?

        That is seriously what you’re telling me ? Because that is what you’ve been saying here for months now !

        And then, to top it all off, there’s this ! :
        ” So I am fully aware of the history of the Third Reich and need no history lesson from you”

        My friend, you could benefit from a WOII history lesson from a 12 year old.
        If you are so aware of it, then why adopt their opinions about gay people ? Why ??

        I have a very clear memory of asking that question last week.

        If you ever deign to visit your own blog again, could you maybe answer it ?

  4. snowylocks says:

    (reply to your last post in “politically correct propaganda”. 3rd attempt. I’d post it there, but it got blocked for some mysterious reason. Please stop doing that. It’s a waste of time)

    It wasn’t a “diatribe”, it was a series of facts and a question, which I had to repeat, and which you now have ignored yet again. (For the 4th time ? 5th time ? ..)
    And as for your dishonesty, I’m sure you’re perfectly honest when it comes to other subjects, and your family has no reason to complain, but here, on your blog, when talking about this issue, you have lied so many times I’ve lost count. Check my replies for proof and examples (like all your false accusations ), or keep ignoring it.
    Not that I’m complaining. Your consistent mendacity makes my point more clearly than I ever could.

    You want to know about my family’s WO2 history ? Like I said, it’s not relevant, but sure. Half of them got wiped out, either through “friendly” fire (Americans bombed a school by mistake), or they were tortured to death in the camp in Breendonk. What the heck does any of this have to do with what we were talking about ? Nothing ! Stop trying to change the subject !

    AGAIN, I only asked you why you rationalize your opinion about gay people the very same way the nazis did, and I didn’t even need to do that to prove you wrong ! Are you going to answer this question, yes or no ? This is the FOURTH time I’m forced to repeat this. (And this is the THIRD question I’m forced to repeat over and over, without ever getting an answer) If you really believe you’re so honest, then why keep dodging this question ?
    I’ll repeat it AGAIN (and I’m getting really tired of typing “AGAIN”) : Why do you rationalize your opinion of gay people the very same way the nazis did ?

    As for the rest of it, your reasoning is tortured to the point of being completely inarticulate. “Heterosexuals proved wrong” ??? How can one facet of human sexuality disprove another ? “The evolutionary process proved wrong”” ?? What are you even talking about ? They support each other ! Want scientific proof ? Here you go :
    For pete’s sake, do some research before you form an opinion.
    As for biblical creation being non-factual, uhm…..yeah, that’s actually true. Are you seriously telling me you didn’t know that ?

    As for aids, that came about through retroviral transfer from a primate, and it got spread through unprotected sex. The idea that it somehow got created through gay sex is too preposterous to even think about. It’s also another lie. And please explain how, since the disease got spread through unprotected sex, just exactly how did those “innocent” heteros manage to get infected through “no fault of their own” ? They all got blood transfusions, right ? Never mind. One question at a time.

    You know, one of the most irritating things about your replies is that you keep repeating arguments I already debunked several times before. Even now, you’re still going on about “sodom and gomorrah” and “mother nature”, even though I already repeatedly pointed out why that doesn’t make any sense.
    So I’m forced to face the obvious fact that, on top of your proud dishonesty, you also have no intention examining and acknowledging the clear and obvious proof of your mistakes.
    I can list facts all year long, you’ll just ignore them and repeat you lies, either about me, or about gay people.

    So I’m going to give you one more chance. It’s the last one this time :

    Here’s the question you were busy ignoring before you ignored the other one :

    If an opinion has no facts to support it, does it have any value whatsoever ?

    Answer yes or no, please. No more false accusations, just an answer.

    Yes or no, nothing more.

    If you can’t even do that, then this is over, and you can go on to discuss tarot cards.

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