Politically Correct Sexism

Politically Correct Sexism.

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I am a retired admin officer. My interests include supernatural phenomena, tarot cards, movies, social activities and more.
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5 Responses to Politically Correct Sexism

  1. snowylocks says:

    Is there any reason why you just posted a link to your own post ?

  2. snowylocks says:

    testing testing…

  3. snowylocks says:

    (reply to your last post in “politically correct propaganda”. I’d post it there, but it got blocked for some mysterious reason. Please stop doing that. It’s a waste of time)

    It wasn’t a “diatribe”, it was a series of facts and a question, which I had to repeat, and which you now have ignored yet again. (For the 4th time ? 5th time ? ..)
    And as for your dishonesty, I’m sure you’re perfectly honest when it comes to other subjects, and your family has no reason to complain, but here, on your blog, when talking about this issue, you have lied so many times I’ve lost count. Check my replies for proof and examples (like all your false accusations ), or keep ignoring it.
    Not that I’m complaining. Your consistent mendacity makes my point more clearly than I ever could.

    You want to know about my family’s WO2 history ? Like I said, it’s not relevant, but sure. Half of them got wiped out, either through “friendly” fire (Americans bombed a school by mistake), or they were tortured to death in the camp in Breendonk. What the heck does any of this have to do with what we were talking about ? Nothing ! Stop trying to change the subject !

    AGAIN, I only asked you why you rationalize your opinion about gay people the very same way the nazis did, and I didn’t even need to do that to prove you wrong ! Are you going to answer this question, yes or no ? This is the FOURTH time I’m forced to repeat this. (And this is the THIRD question I’m forced to repeat over and over, without ever getting an answer) If you really believe you’re so honest, then why keep dodging this question ?
    I’ll repeat it AGAIN (and I’m getting really tired of typing “AGAIN”) : Why do you rationalize your opinion of gay people the very same way the nazis did ?

    As for the rest of it, your reasoning is tortured to the point of being completely inarticulate. “Heterosexuals proved wrong” ??? How can one facet of human sexuality disprove another ? “The evolutionary process proved wrong”” ?? What are you even talking about ? They support each other ! Want scientific proof ? Here you go :
    For pete’s sake, do some research before you form an opinion.
    As for biblical creation being non-factual, uhm…..yeah, that’s actually true. Are you seriously telling me you didn’t know that ?

    As for aids, that came about through retroviral transfer from a primate, and it got spread through unprotected sex. The idea that it somehow got created through gay sex is too preposterous to even think about. It’s also another lie. And please explain how, since the disease got spread through unprotected sex, just exactly how did those “innocent” heteros manage to get infected through “no fault of their own” ? They all got blood transfusions, right ? Never mind. One question at a time.

    You know, one of the most irritating things about your replies is that you keep repeating arguments I already debunked several times before. Even now, you’re still going on about “sodom and gomorrah” and “mother nature”, even though I already repeatedly pointed out why that doesn’t make any sense.
    So I’m forced to face the obvious fact that, on top of your proud dishonesty, you also have no intention examining and acknowledging the clear and obvious proof of your mistakes.
    I can list facts all year long, you’ll just ignore them and repeat you lies, either about me, or about gay people.

    So I’m going to give you one more chance. It’s the last one this time :

    Here’s the question you were busy ignoring before you ignored the other one :

    If an opinion has no facts to support it, does it have any value whatsoever ?

    Answer yes or no, please. No more false accusations, just an answer.

    Yes or no, nothing more.

    If you can’t even do that, then this is over, and you can go on to discuss tarot cards.

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