All the Kingdoms of the Earth

As stated in my last post, I now question if the Bible really is the ‘Gospel Truth.’ Some believers may feel offended by my statement but it is not my intention to offend anyone. All I am trying to do is seek the truth about Jesus Christ and, because it all happened 2000 years ago, it will not be an easy task.

As a starting point, I will examine Jesus’ period in the desert where he fasted for 40 days and forty nights without food, water or shelter. Most of us would be lucky to survive 10 days in such a climate without food, water or shelter but Jesus is ‘the son of God’ so he was able to do what is completely beyond normal human endurance.

But Jesus was not the first person to fast for 40 days and forty nights in such a climate. Moses climbed Mount Sinai and remained up there without food water or shelter for 40 days and 40 nights and came down with the Ten Commandments from God. Also, after Noah had loaded the Ark with the animals and his family, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Noah, of course, had food, water and shelter within the Ark during that period.

I now wonder if the period ’40 days and 40 nights’ has some sort of religious significance? Or is it the number 40 that has significance because the ‘chosen people of God’ wandered around for 40 years looking for the promised land. Or perhaps they are all simply ‘unrelated coincidences.’

Setting aside those questions, on his last day of fasting, Satan appeared before Jesus and tempted him to turn stones into bread. Jesus refused. Satan then took Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple and asked him to ‘cast himself down’ as he himself had been cast down from heaven. Again Jesus refused.

Satan then took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the Kingdoms of the Earth laid out before him. Satan did not ‘name’ any of these Kingdoms but promised Jesus authority over them if he bowed down and worshiped him. Once again, Jesus refused.

It would be impossible to see ‘all the Kingdoms of the Earth’ from a high mountain or even from the summit of Mount Everest. This is because when God made the world, he made it round and rotate on its axis as it orbited the Sun. Therefore, Satan would have to take Jesus into ‘orbit’ around the Earth to point out ‘all the Kingdoms of the Earth’ to him.

Also, one would have thought Satan would have pointed out some of the Kingdoms to Jesus saying “look these Kingdoms worship Idols and Statues and those Kingdoms sacrifice human beings to appease their ‘Gods.’ To which Jesus may have replied “All these things I know; this is why my father has sent me.” This of course, did not appear to happen.

This indicates that the person who wrote the story of the temptation of Jesus believed the world was flat and had no knowledge of these other Kingdoms of the world. And therefore, in the story, Satan and Jesus would also believe the world was flat and have no knowledge of these other Kingdoms either.

Jesus appears to have confirmed this belief when he commissioned his disciples to ‘preach the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.’ The phrase ‘to the ends of the Earth’ originated from the time when it was generally believed that the world was flat and if you travelled in the same direction for long enough, you would reach the end of the Earth and fall off into the abyss.

Therefor, I feel it is reasonable to state that, if Jesus really was the son of God, he would have known the world was round and would have commissioned his disciples to ‘preach the Gospel to all the Kingdoms around the world.



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I am Man – I am (not) Invincible

About a year ago I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition which cannot be fixed by surgical intervention. This means I have to rely on medications to control the condition. In other words, I am stuck with it. When the cardiologist advised my of my illness I said no, this is not possible, this sort of thing always happens to the other fellow not to me, I am superman, I am invincible.

We all know that once we are born, one day we shall die: as one wag put it “nobody gets out of life alive.” But I have never given my mortality much thought and continued to live in the belief that I am invincible. But now, when I try to ‘leap tall buildings in a single bound’ or run ‘faster than a speeding locomotive,’ I usually end up being taken by ambulance to the hospital Emergency Department.

After several such trips to the hospital ED, it dawned on me that the cardiologist may be right and I do have a serious heart condition.

These trips to the hospital ED also made me realize that, while paramedics are angels of mercy, ambulance trips are are cramped, noisy and bumpy and patients do not accrue frequent flyer reward points. Also, when I arrive at the ED by ambulance, I jump the queue and other patients have to wait longer for treatment which made me feel like a nuisance.

I also realized that being ‘wired up’ in ED is not the place to be if I want a good night’s sleep or need to take a pee. On one visit, the hospital administrator turned up with the discharge papers to be signed  and asked if I had a ‘power of attorney’ in place or had signed a ‘do not resuscitate form.’ I felt like saying “come back when I am dead and I will sign the form.” But I just shook head in silence and stayed out of trouble.

The end result of my own folly is, when I am home alone, I have to wear an ambulance ‘alert’ button around my neck to summon the paramedics in an emergency. I also have to wear a medical ID dog tag in case I am unconscious when the paramedics arrive. Isn’t the aging process bloody wonderful.

Then cam the Covid-19 lock down. Being a ‘high risk’ category patient I was well and truly grounded and had to learn how to behave myself.

My imposed isolation gave me the opportunity to catch up on all the neglected little maintenance jobs in and around the house. I also looked for something else to occupy my time during isolation and decided to research my family history and put together a family tree.

Researching my dead ancestors made me more acutely aware of my own (self denied) mortality which, in turn, triggered the urge to explore the immortality of my soul and eternal life promised by Jesus Christ.

I soon found myself in trouble because the more versions of the Biblical story Jesus I read and watched on television, the more ‘improbable the story became.

So I now find myself asking if the Bible really is the ‘Gospel Truth.’

I do not consider myself to be a religious man in terms of church dogma, nor am I an outright atheist but see myself sand an ‘open thinker.’ This thinking makes me wonder if there is a greater power at work somewhere in the universe that we humans have not yet discovered.

Also, if UFO sightings are genuine and there is no reason to believe they are not, there has to be other ‘blue’ planets out there that are, at present, beyond our reach. If the universe is made up of the same elements that gave us life, then those planets will be populated with people similar to us and ‘alien monsters’ belong in the realms of ‘science fiction.’

Because of UFO visits to Earth, people from those planets must be far more technologically advanced than we are. This make me wonder if the populations of those planets have similar primitive social structures and beliefs as ours or, are they more sophisticated and without prejudice, poverty or crime and punishment.

I often imagine that such a society will one day ‘inherit the Earth’ and will all live together in peace and harmony.

I am not disparaging the beliefs of other people and, in some ways, I envy their convictions. But, somewhere out there is the answer to the enigma of our creation and one day we shall discover it. But alas, not during the time I have left. After all, I am man – I am (not) invincible.






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Is the ‘outing’ of Charlie Sheen by Cory Feldman the start of an ‘He Too’  movement?


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Parents in England face prison for keeping kids out of LGBT lessons

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

The UK state education system is imposing more and more extreme LGBT indoctrination on kids at a younger and younger age. They have only got to step into school for the first time aged five, to be surrounded by story books and posters telling them sheer lies  – such as that a baby can have “two mothers” or that people can “change sex”. They are faced with cross-dressing teachers, imaginary “gay history” and nonsense about “gender unicorns”.

In some parts of England, parents are mobilizing to resist the ever-worsening war on children’s minds. 

At Parkfield school in Birmingham, parents, mainly Muslim, have protested outside the school and have been legally banned by a court hearing from holding any more demonstrations – which is a violation of their legal rights. But then, so is the so-called “Relationships and Sex Education”. By UK law and under Human Rights legislation, parents are supposed…

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Creepy Canadian Trans Loses “Wax-My-Balls” Case

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Jonathan Yaniv is a creepy Canadian transgender who likes to pose as a woman and call himself Jessica. He has not had any sort of surgery, has not lopped off his dick, yet thinks that just because he puts dresses on his paunchy body and make-up on his pit-bull features he can pass as a woman.

Jonathan Yaniv 780x390And legally everybody has to call him one. A mad law he decided to take full advantage of. How? By the simple expedient of going to a series of ladies’ beauty salons, and demanding that they carry out full waxing for hair removal all over his body. Even on the genitalia that the stupid queer law calls “her balls”. Well, it can’t be HER balls can it? Only men have testicles. 

Naturally the female employees refused to do this. They are only trained to wax women and don’t feel comfortable handling the genitals of…

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Homosexual Charity MESMAC is riddled with pedophiles

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Heathcliffe Bowen, trustee of a government-funded homosexual charity in Yorkshire, England, was convicted of a string of child sex offences in January 2018 and the story did not even make national news. Newspapers that did report the case mostly avoided admitting that MESMAC is a homosexual promotion group, or that the children involved were boys.

Bowen, 50, had been a trustee for four years at Yorkshire Mesmac, a charity that runs “child sexual exploitation projects”  – yes you heard that right,  a pedophile working for a child sexual exploitation project. He got a 5-year sentence at Bradford Crown Court  for three counts of making and possessing indecent images of children, attempting to meet a child after sexual grooming and three counts of attempting to cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity.

heathcliffeBOWEN-MESMAC pedoHe was also convicted of four counts of distributing indecent images of children, causing a child to…

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Abortions on Demand Kills Babies

I have been following the abortion issue where governments are caught between the pro abortionists who want open abortion laws and pro life supporters who want more stringent laws to try and regulate the lucrative abortion industry.

Pro-abortionists (Planned Parenthood) see this issue as one of reproductive health care and women’s reproductive rights rather than a ‘human rights’ issue. The feminist mantra on this issue is ‘my body, my choice’ and ‘government’ has no business interfering with my uterus.’

But, it is not ‘government’ interfering with a woman’s uterus’ that put an unwanted baby into her womb, the person she copulated with did so. Yet, feminists expect ‘government’ to intervene and sanction the removal and death of a heathy baby by abortion simply because the woman does not want it.

Modern society seems to have forgotten that the purpose of sexual copulation is pair bonding and procreation. ‘Nature’ evolved the female body to conceive and carry a baby in the safety of her womb until birth and a couple who create new life together should see the event as a privilege not a burden or inconvenience. Then, in a perfect society, both biological parents nurture and rear their baby to maturity. But we do not have a perfect society, never have and probably never will.

So, if a woman does not wish to become pregnant and have a baby she has a choice; abstain from copulating, or only copulate when a reliable form of contraceptive is used. To engage in consensual sex without doing so is irresponsible and the repercussions of an unwanted pregnancy can be traumatic for the people involved.

It is reasonable to state that it is not the pregnant woman who kills her baby, it is the elected representatives (government) of the society in which she lives that do so by sanctioning the abortion. The question I ask is this: should our elected representatives have the authority to enact ‘reproductive health laws’ that allow terminating a pregnancy simply because the woman does not wish to have the child? This will give ‘government’ the authority over the life and death of unborn children which will be one step away from abortions becoming a gruesome form of population control.

There must be a better way of resolving this controversial and emotional issue. Aborting thousands of healthy babies each year is not the solution; but what is?

As a starting point, feminists should think about changing their mantra on this issue to ‘my body, my vagina my responsibility.‘ From there, we could take a step back and examine the social issues of unwanted pregnancies and abortions on demand.





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YouTube deplatforms 14-year-old girl after she criticizes LGBT Ideology.

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Featured Image

August 7, 2019 (NewsBusters) — The left has no problem with hiding behind activist teenagers, but will scapegoat a right-wing one if she criticizes them.

YouTube, Google’s sister company, deplatformed a 14-year-old conservative girl after she made a video criticizing Pride Month. Her channel has been completely banned from YouTube.

Soph, known on Twitter as @sewernugget, has been penalized by YouTube previously with suspension for “dangerous” humor and poking fun at leftist orthodoxy. With approximately 1 million subscribers before she was shut down, she rose to fame for poking fun at topics such as radical Islam, climate change, and pedophilia among Hollywood elites.

While her channel has been removed, conservative pundits like BlazeTV host Lauren Chen have reported on its removal, reviewing the content and theorizing why it was taken down.

Chen featured one clip from Soph’s video “Pride and Prejudice” which got her banned. In the video…

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Happy and Gay

Almost every day I read or hear about another person ‘coming out’ as being ‘gay.’ I hope these people realise how lucky they are, because I cannot remember the last time I felt ‘carefree’ and ‘merry.’


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Once again I have re-blogged a post from the website ‘Yes Gays Are Bullies’ because I cannot understand how anyone can consider the behaviour of James Makings as “normal.”

It would seem that the ‘normalization’ of all things LGBTIQ has opened ‘Pandora’s Box.’


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