Qantas airline is holding a spirit of inclusion month to try to avoid excluding some LGBTI families.

Qantas employees have been asked to avoid using terms that can reinforce the idea that people are always in heterosexual relationships. The airline is encouraging staff to use partner or spouse instead of husband and wife and parents instead of mum and dad. Qantas is also encouraging staff not to use gender inappropriate words such as mankind, chairman or foreman.

 Qantas has also come up with the word manterruption to describe male staff that interrupts female staff while they are talking.

How gender specific and sexist is that? When my wife (sorry) partner starts talking, trying to manterrupt her is like trying to stop a machine gun.


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A Day In Te Life Of A 21st Century Person Of The Male Gender

Jack is a 30 year old person of the male gender who identifies as male. Jack does not have a partner but has his pet dog Fred for company. Every Saturday morning after breakfast Jack takes Fred to the local park for a walk. So, with Fred on a leash and poo bag in his pocket, Jack and Fred set off on their Saturday morning walk. After about forty five minutes, Jack sat down on the same park bench he sits on every Saturday morning, takes out his E cigarette, puts it between his lips and sucks the chemicals into his lungs.

After a while, a child dressed in clothes worn by the female gender approached Jack and asked if it was okay to pat the dog. “Yes” said Jack, “his name is Fred and he doesn’t bite.” The child, Fred and Jack were enjoying their interaction when an adult person dressed in the clothes worn by the female gender races up and grabs the child by the arm and shouted “stay away from my child you fucking paedophile” and walked away scolding the child for talking to a stranger. Oh well thought Jack, the adult person must be the child’s birth parent and is only being protective. It is a sad indictment of society, thought Jack, when an adult person of the male gender cannot share a few delightful moments with someone else’s child without being seen as a danger.

Jack stood up and began the walk home with Fred. When they arrived home, Jack said “go and have a rest in the back garden Fred while I go and do my grocery shopping.” Jack then drove to the local supermarket, parked the car, grabbed a trolley and with mobile phone in hand, began shopping. As Jack placed each item in the trolley he ticked it off on his grocery list which he kept on his mobile phone.

As Jack walked down the third aisle, he noticed a person dressed in the clothing worn by the female gender carrying a shopping basket coming towards him from the opposite direction. As the person was almost level with Jack, the person bent down to retrieve an item from the lower shelf. As the person did so, the loose blouse the person was wearing came away from the person’s chest and, as the person was not wearing a bra, the person’s breasts were completely exposed. Before Jack could avert his gaze, the person stood upright and shouted “what are you looking at you fucking pervert.” Jack ignored the comment and continued with his shopping.

When Jack finished shopping and approached the checkout, the person who swore at him was with the supermarket manager pointing a finger at Jack shouting “that’s the pervert who took a down blouse photo of my breasts.”  Jack explained to the supermarket manger what had happened, but the manager insisted Jack hand over his mobile phone. The manager examined Jack’s phone, turned to the person who made the accusation against Jack and said “there are no photos of any person’s breasts on this phone. If you still want me to call the police I will but without any evidence, there is nothing they can do.” “Don’t bother” said the person and stormed out of the supermarket muttering something about all persons of the male gender being sexual perverts who stick together.

Jack paid for his groceries, put them in the boot of his car and drove home wondering why, in such a short period of time, two persons of the female gender had abused him without just cause. When Jack arrived home and finished putting the groceries away, he grabbed a cold beer from the fridge, called Fred and sat together to watch a football game on TV. When the football game was over, Jack decided to take a bus into the city to look for a person of the female gender to ‘hook up’ with for the night.

When Jack arrived in the city, he went into a pub and saw a person dressed in the clothes of the female gender sitting alone at a table near the bar. Jack assumed the person was alone so, as bold as brass, Jack walked up to the person and said “hello, my name is Jack, can I buy you a drink?” “Hello Jack, my name is Anne” said the person sitting at the table, “I would love a glass of red wine.” Jack went to the bar, ordered the wine for Anne and a beer for himself, returned to the table with the drinks and sat down. After exchanging pleasantries, Jack said “I will come straight to the point Anne; I do not have a partner and I am seeking a person of the female gender to spend the night with. If you feel my statement is inappropriate, confronting or you feel you are being sexually harassed, please say so and I will apologize to you and leave.”

“Your statement is fine” said Anne “I’m looking for a person to spend the night with too. But I have to tell you Jack, I used to be gender fluid but decided that I am a male who identifies as female and my sexual orientation is gay.” “Well” said Jack, “I am a male who identifies as male and my sexual orientation is heterosexual so please accept my apologies for bothering you.”  As Jack stood up, Anne, feeling rejected, threw the wine into Jack’s face and shouted “stop harassing me for sex you fucking pervert.”  Before Jack could react, the pub’s bouncer pinioned Jack’s right arm behind his back and frog marched him out the door and onto the street. “Sexual predators are not welcome here so fuck off and don’t come back” said the bouncer.

Jack decided that he had had enough for one day and walked around looking for a quiet pub where he could sit down alone, drink a few beers and go home. Jack found a quiet pub, walked in, went to the bar and ordered a beer. Jack paid for the beer and went to sit down at an empty table in a quiet corner of the pub. After about twenty minutes, a person dressed in the clothes of the male gender, approached Jack and said “hello my name is John and I‘m gay.” “Well” replied Jack, “I’m not so fuck off.” John turned and walked away muttering something about homophobic bigots. Oh shit, thought Jack, I must have walked into a gay bar, I should leave before I get into trouble.

As Jack rose to leave he noticed a person wearing the clothes of the female gender approaching him. Maybe my luck’s changed thought Jack and waited for the person to speak to him. “Hello Jack” the person said, “my name is Alice, perhaps you may remember me; we were colleagues in the public service a couple of years ago.” “I remember” said Jack, “what can I do for you?” “I just wanted to say hello” said Alice. As they chatted, another person approached them but Jack could not discern if the person was of the male or the female gender. “This is my partner Joanne” said Alice. “Everyone calls me Jo” said Joanne. “Now that same sex marriage has been legalized in Australia, Alice and I are getting married in a few weeks.  In the meantime” said Jo “we are looking for a suitable person of the male gender to be a sperm donor to help us have a child.” “Well good luck with that” said Jack, “I hope you will both be very happy, now if you will excuse me, I have to return home to see to my dog Fred.” Jack left the pub and hailed a taxi.

On the journey home in the cab, Jack reflected on how socializing and interacting intimately with other persons has become complicated since the legitimization of homosexuality and gender dysphoria. Even before legitimization, thought Jack, a language of inclusion to change the way persons are socially and sexually identified had already been contrived. What really puzzles Jack is, having gained legitimization for their relationships, homosexuals are still hiding their real sexual ‘identity’ (orientation) behind a three letter word that has absolutely nothing to do with any form of sexual activity. This indicates to Jack that homosexuals do not fully accept what they really are while, at the same time, expecting everyone else to do so. This leaves Jack pondering who the homophobe’s really are, them or us. Jack believes that, in this brave new world of ‘sexual orientations,’ homosexuals should be required to correctly identify themselves the same as the rest of us and the word ‘gay’ be reverted back to its original meaning of carefree and merry.

Jack’s last thought on this issue as he arrived home is why the most radical and controversial piece of social engineering since Adam and Eve was introduced in the first place. Because so far, it has caused division, an erosion of the democratic right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right of refusal to comply with something that is against a person’s principles, beliefs or conscience. In other words, homosexuals now seem have the right to persecute heterosexual dissidents.

Jack went inside and decided to take a shower. After towelling himself dry, Jack went into his walk-in wardrobe and switched on his life-like female sex robot with artificial intelligence. “Hello Jack” said the robot, “how may I please you.”


The characters portrayed in this story are fictitious; any resemblance to any other person living or dead is a coincidence.

This story  does not infer or, in any way imply, that the characters portrayed are anything other than perfectly normal persons.





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Alabama Senate passes bill to eliminate marriage licenses

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Sen. Greg Albritton, left, talks with Sen. Bobby Singleton in 2015. (Julie Bennett/

It’s sad to see a state opt out of licensing marriage, but the truth is real marriage as a legal construct essentially ceased to exist with the legalization of gay marriage. It’s like removing the legal distinction between real money and play money. Real money means nothing once play money becomes legal tender– and everyone is made poorer– same story on gay marriage.

Gays kid themselves if they think they their marriages are of the same substance as marriage prior to gay marriage. Put a drop of fine wine from a wine bottle into a bottle of sewer water and you still have a bottle of wine and a bottle of sewer water, but put a drop of sewer water into a bottle of fine wine and you have two bottles of sewer water. Things of higher value are diminished when mixed with things of lower value. Alabama’s move to…

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Planned Parenting or Planned Death

A few days ago I read a small article about abortion which astonished me. The article stated that since the Abortion Act was passed in the United Kingdom 50 years ago (1967), over nine million babies have been aborted. This averages out to 180,000 per year, which is almost 500 babies per day. If one multiplies this by the number of countries that have legalized abortion, at least two thousand babies may be being aborted every day.

These abortions are carried out under the ‘Planned Parenting’ scheme. Surely, planned parenting is, or should be, about planning when to get pregnant and have a baby. But these abortions are a result of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies resulting from thoughtless or careless copulation. Given the availability of sex education and several methods of contraception, it is difficult to comprehend why so many women have unwanted pregnancies which result in abortions.

Each and every baby that is born is a unique ‘one of a kind’ human being who will develop their own characteristics and personality. Each and every baby that is born has never before walked on Planet Earth and, if aborted, never will. This means that their one and only chance at life is taken away forever.

On the 25th of December I and millions of other Christians, who were not aborted, will celebrate the birth of a unique and special baby called Jesus. When we do, perhaps we should say a prayer for all of those little lost souls because:

their bodies will never grow old

their stories will never unfold

sucked from the womb their organs sold


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The hate campaign begins as #lovewins

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

The anti-bully crowd are anything but…..they are what they are….stupid, ignorant, whiny ass little brats who cry foul every time they don’t get their way. Apparently even when they get their way, they are still stupid, ignorant whiny ass little brats. <ADMIN>

Let to be known that on the December 7, 2017 – the day in Australian Parliamentary history when “love won” – the hate campaign truly began. Yesterday, supporters of same-sex marriage took to Twitter to celebrate by tweeting, “Eat sh-t Lyle.” A reference to Lyle Shelton, the head of the Australian Christian Lobby. This is how Rob Stott from Junkee, gleefully reported it:

So, marriage equality finally passed parliament! And when it did, everyone on Twitter had a simple message for for [sic. They’re not great with grammar, let alone editing, over at Junkee.] Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton: Eat shit, Lyle.

Here’s a quick snapshot

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“Be yourself: Coming out as a homophobe.” Fighting back in an oppressive anti-family nation.

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

How soon will we in America have to put up with this kind of nonsense. At the rate things are going, I suspect it won’t be much longer.<ADMIN>

So-called ‘homophobia’ is illegal in the UK and can result in arrest.

VIDEO: Here’s how our MassResistance-UK chapter deals with it!

November 21, 2017

VIDEO: The British are fighting back! (6 min 49 sec)

Many of us here in the United States think that the oppressive and often fascist nature of the radical LGBT agenda is worse than anywhere. We see our children in public schools forcibly immersed in it with the threat of punishment or other retribution. People can easily lose their jobs or have their careers ruined if they don’t join in celebrating it. Business owners can lose their businesses if they don’t actively participate in it.

Sadly, it seems most conservatives here have reacted by cowering in fear of…

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Pride? WHO are they kidding?

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