Politicically Motivated Sex Propaganda

I am writing this post in response to comments made by snowylocks that my use of the word ‘propaganda’ is pejorative.

A pejorative is a word or phrase that expresses contempt or has disparaging connotations. Two words that spring to my mind that fit this definition are ‘homophobic’ and ‘heterosexist.’ These two words were coined by the homosexual propaganda machine to describe anyone who disagrees with what homosexuals want; homosexual marriage. These two words are also derogatory because they are used to disparage, belittle and offend people by intimating that there is something wrong with them because they disagree with homosexual marriage. In my opinion, ‘homophobia’ and’ heterosexism’ exist only in the minds of homosexuals.

Propaganda is a form of communication that presents facts selectively and in so doing so possibly lies by omission or uses loaded messages. The desired result of propaganda is to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information presented in an effort to change public attitudes about a particular subject which, in this case, is homosexual marriage. The first casualties of propaganda are facts and truth.

In propaganda, words can also be distorted by incorrect use to elicit a particular response and can become accepted jargon and even accepted into everyday language. Here are some examples: change the true meaning of ‘gay’ and use it to replace the word ‘homosexual’, replace the word sodomy with the words ‘anal intercourse’,  replace ‘homosexual relationships’ with ‘gay marriages’ or ‘same sex marriages’.

Into this mix, meaningless phrases such as ‘equal love’ and ‘marriage equality’ have been added. These phrases are being used to make us believe that, somehow, homosexuals are being discriminated against. In my opinion, homosexuals are being self-discriminating by choosing not to marry a person of the opposite sex. Homosexuals complain that they cannot help being what they are because they had no choice.

WE ALL HAVE CHOICES. Necrophiliacs can choose not to have sex with dead people. Pedophiles can choose not to have sex with little boys or little girls. Parents or siblings can choose not to engage in incestuous sex. People can choose not to have sex with animals. People can choose not to rape. People can choose not to engage in sexual bondage, voyeurism or any other type of sexual fetish in their quest for sexual self gratification. So why are homosexuals any different? After all, no one forces one man to stick his dick up another man’s ass.

Giving homosexuals preferential treatment has set a dangerous precedent. Already, the North American Man-Boy Love Association are campaigning for the sexual age of consent to be reduced or abolished to remove the fear of going to prison if they are caught having sex with under age boys. What, I wonder, will be next?

When is this lunacy going to end? What is it doing to western culture? Is this the beginning of the end for our civilization?

If the Messiah is coming, it had better be soon.


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The Politics of Religion

A few weeks ago, retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated that he could not worship a homophobic God. That is strange because the God that the Archbishop has worshiped for most of his life is the same God that destroyed the Sodomites for disobeying God’s laws by engaging in homosexual sex. What is the archbishop trying to say? Is he saying that God was wrong? Is he saying that God committed mass murder when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because God is a vengeful homophobic God.

Recently, the Pope stated “who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord. What does this mean? Is the Pope washing his hands of this issue? Is The Pope leaving it to God to judge; if so will such judgment be here on Earth or in Heaven following death? In the meantime do homosexuals continue with their sinful ways in the knowledge that they will be forgiven if they confess their sins on their death-bed?

The Pope also stated that if a priest has sinned and confessed, the priest must be forgiven. Again, is this forgiveness here on Earth or is it in Heaven following death? Does this forgiveness also include homosexual pedophile priests?

It would appear that now the homosexual propaganda machine has beaten our politically correct politicians at their own game, they have now turned their virulent attention to the Christian Churches.

Look at the position the politically correct British Parliament has placed the Queen of England. As Head of State, the Queen is duty bound to sign off on all legislation that has been passed by the British Parliament no matter what The Queen’s personal opinion may be, so homosexual marriage legislation was recently passed into British Law. Because The Queen is also the Head of the Church of England, British homosexuals are using The Queen’s position as Head of the Church as leverage to demand to be married by a priest, in a church and in the presence of God.

Where is this lunacy going to end. When drafting this post, I was reminded of something Mahatma Gandhi said and I quote ” I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” This is what the homosexual propaganda machine is doing, walking through our minds with their dirty feet. My fervent hope is while doing so, they will also be sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

Amen to that.


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Psychology Today: disguised “NAMBLA-like” author trying to sabotage age-of-consent laws

Reflections, Reflections by Alessandra

Many very good comments on this thread at this Psychology Today site. I copied them here to save them and think about some points further.

They were in response to an extremely irresponsible article promoting teenagers to have sex and wanting to abolish age-of-consent laws (or bring them down) by Marina Adshade. As you know, liberals who normalize homosexuality are the new NAMBLA light. They haven’t begun to advocate for sex with 2 yr olds yet, but they want to sexually exploit everyone teenager. Now they claim legal protections against sex at an early age are terrible and creates great injustices. Her main grotesque claim:

Age-of-consent laws impose high costs in terms of the personal hardship on the youth caught up in that enforcement (on both sides of the courtroom). So there must be pretty good evidence that younger teens are less capable of making healthily sexual decisions than…

View original post 6,650 more words

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ThePolitical Promotion of Homosexuality

In relation to the homosexual marriage issue, I believe that the word ‘gay’ is the most overused and abused word in the English language today. There are no ‘gays’ or ‘straights’ only heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Following New Zealand’s decision to introduce homosexual marriage legislation, the push is now on to introduce similar legislation in Australia. The fairest and most democratic means of resolving this controversial issue is to hold a national referendum in conjunction with the Federal election later this year. Because voting is compulsory in Australia, the result will clearly reflect the will of the Australian people. I am not however, going to hold my breath, because I have not heard one supporter of homosexual marriages lobby for such a referendum. This is quite odd because supporters of homosexual marriages claim that that the majority of Australian people are in favor of, or do not, oppose these marriages but, as yet, have not provided statistics to support that claim. Instead, they are directly lobbying sitting politicians whose only interest seems to be in retaining their seat on the gravy train that the public purse has become in Australia.

If homosexual marriage legislation is introduced into Australia, has anyone thought about the children who will be brought into a homosexual environment? Wherever possible, children should be brought by their biological parents; that is with heterosexual mums and dads. In homosexual marriages, children will be, deliberately and with aforethought, deprived of one, or both, biological parents. In my opinion, this will be an abuse of children’s human rights because they will have no say in the matter.

There is now a group in the USA calling themselves The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) whose aim is to abolish the age of consent laws in order to decriminalize adult sexual involvement with minors. For those who have not read the post by Reflections by Alessandra I have re-blogged it here. If NAMBLA succeed, this will take western society back to the days of the Roman Empire where homosexuals preferred youths between 12 and 20 years of age as sexual partners. Many hapless youths within this age group were sold into sexual slavery, sometimes by their own parents. Given the number of young women sold into sexual slavery each year, I am left wondering if young men are also meeting the same fate today. After all, where this a demand, that demand will bee met.


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My Apologies

My apologies to anyone who is awaiting a response to comments made regarding my posts opposing same sex marriage. I was taken ill 3 weeks ago and spent the last 2 weeks in hospital being discharged on Sun 10 Feb. I will catch up with the debate as soon as I am able.


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Politically Correct Propaganda

The responses I received about my last post (Politically Correct Sexism) from a person whose blog ID is snowylocks, questioned my honesty and integrity, so I decided to write this post in response rather than reply to snowylocks’ diatribe direct. snowylocks has accused me of ignoring facts, being dishonest, contradicting myself and being a Nazi sympathizer who condones the treatment meted out to homosexuals and lesbians by the Nazi regime.

I wish to make it quite clear to snowylocks and to anyone else who reads this post that I do not in any way condone the Hitler regime’s treatment of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, the intellectually and physically disabled, petty criminals, homosexuals, lesbians or any other unfortunates who were deemed to be enemies of the state or of no value to the German war machine. How snowylocks interpreted my last post as condoning these crimes against humanity is quite beyond me. snowylocks also stated that I would benefit from a WWII history lesson from a 12-year-old child. To demonstrate just how fanciful and ridiculous that statement is, it is with reluctance, I decided to share some of my personal history in this post.

My family, which consisted of my parents, two older brothers and me, lived in the seaport of Hull, which is located on the east coast of Yorkshire in England. Because Hull was a busy, thriving and important port at the outbreak of WWII, it became a prime target and the Luftwaffe bombed the shit out of the city over and over again. One morning, my family and I left the air raid shelter to walk home only to find a heap of rubble where our house once stood. At that point in time, all we had left in the world was the clothes we were wearing. But we were not alone; hundreds of other families lost everything during those air raids on Hull and other cities important to the Allied war effort.

My father was a merchant seaman and he lost lots of his friends and shipmates to the German U Boats. My Dad never got over his wartime experiences and died a manic-depressive at aged 55. It would have been nice if my brothers and I learned about WWII from the comfort and safety of a classroom as the 12-year-old child cited by snowylocks  obviously did but we didn’t, we lived through it. The wartime experiences of my brothers and I instilled in us a strong desire to serve our country. By the late 1950’s my eldest brother was serving with the Royal Navy, my second eldest brother was serving with the Royal Air force and I was serving with the British Army and we were proud of being able to do so.

During my Army posting to West Berlin in the early 1960’s, there were only three  Nazi war criminals left serving their sentences in Berlin’s Spandau prison. These were; Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy; Albert Speer, Hitlers architect and Balder von Shirach, the Hitler youth leader. Guarding three men in an otherwise large empty prison was an eerie experience because the prison had a reputation for being haunted. This is not surprising given the atrocities that must have been committed behind its walls during the Nazi regime.

In my last post, I cited the Hitler youth movement simply to demonstrate how easy it is to indoctrinate (brainwash) children using political propaganda. For his crimes against children Balder von Shirach spent 20 years behind bars. It seems that this is where snowylocks got his or her knickers in a knot and interpreted my statement as condoning these sorts of crimes.

My understanding of the proposed sex education for primary schools in Australia is to educate children that heterosexuality is not the norm for human beings and that homosexual and lesbian sex are as normal and natural as heterosexual sex. In other words, according to homosexuals and lesbians, human beings are multi-sexual by nature and design. Put simply, this is an outrageous lie. Homosexual and lesbian sex has never been or ever will be normal and natural and children should not be exposed to such nonsensical ideas.

The proposed curriculum consists of nothing more than politically correct homosexual and lesbian propaganda to indoctrinate (brainwash) children into seeing human sexual behavior through the eyes and minds of a group of sexually dis-functional people. Is this any less of a crime than Balder von Shirach’s?

Snowylocks has already branded me as a dishonest, heterosexist, homophobic fascist so I wonder what he or she will come up with next. Ah well, on with the tin hat and flak jacket.



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Politically Correct Sexism

Politically Correct Sexism.

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