Does Me Too Mete out Justice

The mantra of the ‘me too’ movement is the woman has to be believed. I suppose this is because acts of sexual misconduct usually take place when no one else is around to witness the incident.

The reality of this is the accused is guilty with little or no chance of proving innocence. But, what if the accused and the accuser were both required to take a polygraph test? While polygraph tests are not ‘foolproof,’ they would provide a very strong indication of who is telling the truth and who is not.

This requirement would reduce the number of false and damaging accusations being made against innocent people.


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A Brutal and Barbaric Act

When a person is taken to a specified place on a specified date at a pre-arranged time to have their life terminated, it as called an execution.

Many western countries have abolished executions because they are considered to be cruel and barbaric acts.

When a woman goes to a specified place on a specified date at a pre-arranged time to have the life of her unborn child terminated, it is called and abortion.

What a difference a word makes.

No matter what reason is proffered for the abortion to take place, the unborn child is the innocent victim of circumstances not of their own making and is robbed of their one and only chance to experience life on planet earth.


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Michigan MassResistance ignites media firestorm, plus flood of LGBT activists, over opposition to “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Detroit suburb

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Town forced to move City Commission meeting to gymnasium because of uproar.

MassResistance parents make huge statement in a liberal suburb!

December 30, 2018
ALT TEXTReport from Detroit TV station. We really got their attention – even though they got the “California” part wrong!

A pro-family revolt in Michigan has begun. Michigan MassResistance parents confronted the “Drag Queen Story Hour” targeting young children in Huntington Woods, an affluent, fairly liberal suburb of Detroit.

Our efforts were soon reported across Michigan by the Detroit-based media. As a result, hundreds of LGBT supporters converged on the Dec. 18, 2018 Huntington Woods City Commission to demand the event continue and intimidate parents opposed to it. Nevertheless, MassResistance parents came in and testified, unintimidated, and made their point loud and clear. The next day, the statewide media storm continued – reporting MassResistance’s opposition!


Local parents – even a City Commissioner – upset at targeting of…

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Greedy Lesbians Eileen Rodriguez and Mireya Del Rios Used Hidden Microphones Searching for Bakery to Sue

This is what happens when the judiciary decide that refusing a service on the ground of personal and/or religious beliefs is a crime.

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Lesbians gay cake.Eileen-del-rio-and-fiancee-

Lesbians Eileen Rodriguez and Mireya Del Rios claimed to a court that they were just out shopping for a wedding cake when a brutal refusal by a business in California reduced them both to a pit of despair and brought on a range of illnesses including nosebleeds, headaches and arthritis.

But it was all bullshit. They had PLANNED to target and victimize a business for profit. In fact the couple had got “married” eight months before this incident, in 2016.  Then they came up with a ruse to get rich quick. They planned a “reception” nearly a year later!

The defense case proved that in August 2017 they had gone to several other bakeries who had been happy to supply them with a cake. Yet they had had continued looking until they found one that very politely declined. And they had gone round all these shops wearing hidden microphones in their jackets…

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Mexico: LGBT Honduran Caravan Arrives In Tijuana 11.13.18

Legalizing Homosexual and lesbian marriages seems seem to have opened a Pandora’s Box of human sexual activities.

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Vicious Queers Keep On Targeting Same Colorado Bakery

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

It’s hardly believable. They’re going after Jack Phillips again.

Within weeks of the U.S. Supreme Court vindicating the right of Colorado baker Jack Phillips to refuse a commission that went against his beliefs, the LGBT bullies have dragged him back to court again. They got a transsexual trouble-maker called Autumn Scardina to demand that Masterpiece cake shop make a cake celebrating his “transition” from male to pseudo-female. Phillips again refused  – what is there to celebrate about a madman cutting his genitals off?

And this time Phillips lawyers are counter-suing. We hope he wins. Freedom of conscience matters in a civilized democracy. This persistent harassment of one man and one business shows up the queers for the disgusting bullies that they are.

DENVER — A Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on religious grounds — a stance partially upheld by the U.S. Supreme…

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The Ascent of Man

Father – What would you like to be when you grow up son?

Son’s reply:

1948 – I want to be a steam locomotive engineer.

1968 – I want to be an airline pilot.

1988 – I want to be an astronaut.

2008 – I want to be able to marry the man I love.

2018 – I want to be a woman.


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