LGBTQ Free Month

Now that LGBTQ pride month is over, why don’t we make July an LGBTQ free month. That is to say, the LGBTQ community shut up, go home ands give us all a break. In the meantime, we could make August Heterosexual pride month. We could have parades with brass bands and floats that celebrate everything heterosexual.

Oops, I think I must be hallucinating again; I thought I saw two pink pigs fly past my window. Oh well, it must be time for me to take my Pro (LGBTQ) Biotic pills which always seem to stick in my throat.


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It’s All About Eve

The empowerment of women and the ‘me too’ movement remind me of the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden for them to live in. God told Adam and Eve that everything in the garden is theirs to enjoy except for the fruit of one tree which they are forbidden to eat.

One day while Adam was away foraging, Satan appeared before Eve and tempted her to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Eve succumbed to Satan’s temptation and ate the forbidden fruit.

When Adam returned from foraging, Eve told him what had happened and tempted Adam to eat the forbidden fruit also. Adam succumbed to the temptation of Eve and ate the forbidden fruit.

Ever since then, the human male has been in the shit.

Here we are in the twenty first century and it’s still ‘all about Eve.’

Multi-billion dollar industries have been built to cater for the vanity of women and their quest for physical perfection and for clothing that accentuates their sexuality. Why do woman go to all that trouble and expense? Because they want to feel good, look good, look sexy and be admired and desired.

When the human male awakes in the morning, his sexual libido awakes with him. Because there is no ‘off switch’ the human male’s libido plagues him throughout his waking hours.

When a man is sexually attracted to a woman, he will try his luck when he has the opportunity to do so. If the woman responds favourably to the man’s advances: bingo, we have lift off. If the woman rejects the man’s advances, it is deemed to be inappropriate behaviour or sexual harassment and if the man makes unsolicited physical contact, it’s groping or sexual assault.

When a woman is sexually attracted to a man, she will try her luck when she has the opportunity to do so. If the man responds favourably to the woman’s advances: bingo, we have lift off. If the man rejects the woman’s advances, then ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’

This is why the human male will always be in the shit.

What do women really want? do they want equality or do they seek superiority? Is the politically correct permissive society liberating women or is it emasculating men?

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The Ordeal of Lisa Miller and the Heroism of Rev Kenneth Miller

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller is finally free, after two years in prison.  Thank God. 

This Christian pastor was imprisoned in America for helping a distressed mother and daughter, Lisa and Isabella Miller.  


Lisa and her daughter were victims of the LGBT movement and the mad laws on same-sex “marriage”.

1968 Born in 1968, in the state of Virginia USA,  Lisa Miller suffered an extremely troubled childhood.  Her father abandoned the family when she was only seven and her mother was a suicidal drug addict. This led to Lisa’s own  destructive, alcohol and drug -fuelled adulthood, doomed marriage and subsequent divorce when she was 26 in 1994.

1994  Whilst undergoing treatment against suicide and drug addiction and guided by psychologist and professionals – as part of an “innovative therapy treatment plan – Lisa was encouraged to experiment with lesbianism as an alternative life style. In 1997, she found her mother, dead already for…

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The Royal Wedding

A vulgar display of wealth and privilege in an oasis surrounded by homelessness, poverty and hunger.


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Time To Turn Back The Tide

I have re-blogged the post about the Christian cake shop in California because it is a victory for common sense, a victory for the right to hold one’s beliefs and a victory for the right to choose. Hopefully there will be more such victories in the future that will help turn back the tide of PC oppression.


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Victory for Christian Bakers in California

Yes, Gays Are Bullies

The High court in California has upheld the right of a Christian bakery not to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. But in the meanwhile an aggressive campaign to boycott the business has forced it to close.

TastriesCathy Miller, the owner of Tastries in Bakersfield, was approached by a lesbian couple who demanded a cake celebrating their wedding, with figurines of two women on the top of it. Although Ms Miller sent them to another bakery where they could obtain it, the lesbian couple (who were undoubtedly LGBT activists being aggressive) sued for “discrimination” and won a huge damages award. Cathy went on appealing and has finally had HER rights as a Christian upheld by Judge David Lampe, who pointed out that Tastries has a right to freedom of conscience under the US constitution. 

A cake that celebrates or promotes a certain belief is not just a cake: it…

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I have been following the Trump/Daniels sexual encounter saga and cannot understand why it has become such a huge social and political issue.

As I understand it, over 10 years ago two private citizens had consensual sex. One party was Donald Trump the other a porn actor who calls herself Stormy Daniels. While it is not a good idea for a married man to involve himself in sexual indiscretions, no crime has been committed. Therefore, the incident is a private matter between the persons involved.

When Donald Trump decided to enter politics, Daniels accepted a non disclosure (hush money) payment of $130,000 not to make Donald Trump’s sexual indiscretion with her public in case it harmed his political aspirations. Again, because no crime has been committed, the payment is a private matter between the parties involved. Then Daniels decided she wished to return the payment to enable her to disclose all the lurid details of her sexual encounter with Donald Trump.

The question I ask is; why does Stormy Daniels wish to reveal the details of her sexual indiscretion with Donald Trump? Is Stormy Daniels doing this for God and her Country because she believes Donald Trump is not a fit person to hold the office of President of the United States of America?

If this is so then Stormy Daniels and the American people need to remind themselves that, over a decade ago, the then President of the USA sat in the Oval Office with his pants down while a White House intern performed oral sex on him. The said President categorically denied the sexual encounter took place and did not admit to it for quite some time.

The point I am trying to make is this: how many men (or women) be they rich, famous or otherwise, can put their hand on their heart and state that they have never been sexually indiscrete at least once in their life. In other words, let he (or she) who is without sin, cast the first stone.


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